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Natasha was the sweetest, most well behaved kitten I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. While my hubby and I were out doing some shopping for our furry friends at PetSmart, we met found something we were not expecting. He called me over to look at one particular kitten in the adoption center. She had a huge resemblance to our Merlin that we lost a month earlier, so much so that I burst into tears when I saw her. We went home, mostly so I could put myself back in order again. Then we went back to Petsmart, and half an hour later, brought home this new little bundle of joy.

Natasha was eventually dubbed with the nicknames Tasha, Tash, and Shatasha, which I would say was her favorite as she always came over when she heard it. She enjoyed crawling on us while we were about to fall asleep, producing the loudest purring I have heard from a kitten. Her favorite toys in the house were my hair ties – she would throw them up in the air, catch, and repeat. At only eight months old, she was diagnosed with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), and she passed away just a few days after Stalker.


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Stalker was the first cat I ever owned. I adopted him, along with his brother, from a PetSmart in 2001 when he was 10 weeks old. I nicknamed him Stacks after a while. He loved crawling under the covers to cuddle, veggies (especially broccoli and mushrooms), and was one of the most tolerant cats in terms of being picked up, flipped over, and held like a baby in my arms. He had very symmetrical striping all over, and his fur was soft, silky, and shiny. He was nine years old when he succumbed to lymphoma.


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Merlin was adopted from the Humane Society by my hubby, long before I met him. Their first major adventure was Merlin getting out of his carrier, and making a mad dash for it and, in the process, getting a little piece of his ear snagged on a fence. Despite his snarky personality, he would be the first to cuddle up on the sofa with you when you were sick. He loved ice cream and fried chicken, and always asserted himself as the alpha male, even with our Miniature Schnauzer. Although he suffered from diabetes, he stayed strong for eleven years, enjoying lots of treats and love along the way.


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