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Cookie was a a Snorkie – part Schnauzer, part Yorkie. My mom had instantly bonded with Cookie from the moment she picked her out of the bunch at PetSmart, and for the next two weeks, the love she felt for Cookie just multiplied. She bragged about her new puppy to anyone within earshot. She bought her all kinds of pink accessories, from the day she adopted her and onward. She requested Christmas presents from others be cute, pink puppy things.

Cookie easily became her best friend, sitting in her lap when my mom did her work at home. Sleeping right by her head every night. Barking and scaring away unwanted guests from outside her apartment. My mom couldn’t be more proud of the new addition to her family, showing off new photos and videos every time I came over to visit. Even though my mom’s time with Cookie was tragically cut short by distemper, I’m sure that Cookie enjoyed the best three weeks a puppy could ask for, being doted upon and loved every moment.


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